101 Theme Party Ideas—Because It Ain’t a Party Without a Theme

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One participant painted her labor-doodle as an American Flag - a clear winner for the parade of pets. Set up craps and blackjack and have casino themed food and drinks on hand too. Go For the Gold: Slim Aarons-Inspired Pool Party: Dress up as your favorite character and watch the show en masse.

Buy pre-made dough, and have plenty of toppings on-hand—everything from pineapple to Portobello mushrooms—so your guests can really go to town.

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Of course, you'll need trophies for the winners! Decorating the Christmas tree is more fun with friends.

Freeze creepy crawlies into ice cubes, and have spiders play prominently into the decor. Host a formal tea party complete with tea sandwiches, scones, and clotted cream.

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It's no "Thanksgiving Day" parade but the participants get their 15 minutes of fame! Carving pumpkins is more fun in groups. If you're organizing the block party ask neighbors to bring their specialty dish. Remember to leave out instructions.

101 Theme Party Ideas—Because It Ain’t a Party Without a Theme

Red decor, red flowers, red velvet cake—you get the idea. Planning a low-key afternoon affair? Transform your next party into an enchanted forest dressing up your space with branches and twinkling starlit-inspired bulbs. Have your guests wear black tie and don masks. Gather your nearest and dearest and make your favorite chocolate chip cookies. Now we need to do it ourselves.

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Make Your Best Dish Potluck: Supply everyone with paper and a pencil so they can record their tasting notes, and then do the big reveal at the end. Provide a list of the dishes via email so that guests won't be tempted to duplicate too many dishes. The party will essentially take care of itself. Black tie, of course.

Have your guests dress up as gangsters and supply Prohibition-style cocktails.

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Think royal blue and white decor and plenty of anchors as the theme of your decor. Create a dinner with only locally sourced ingredients and your guests will definitely be impressed. We give you all the details on how to host this memorable party idea!

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Set up a teepee surprisingly affordable party decor and have your guests come as either a cowboy or an Indian. Make sure to have a signature drink on hand for the night like a Mai Tai, and grass skirts for everyone.

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Rainforests are a sea of thick green vegetation, so help recreate this atmosphere by bringing in as many plants to your house as possible.