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Holy paladin best in slot pvp. Competitive WoW Holy Paladin Healing Guide - Method

This is my spec. This increases Holy Paladin throughput by a significant margin, as the overwhelming majority of Holy Paladin healing spells are considered direct healing. The Bare Minimum This build has the absolute minimum you want in Holy as a main healer.

None have Int, they all have secondary stats Mastery, etc. Secondary stats First of all we need to know the DPS for each secondary stat. Secondly, Toughness only increases physical damage whist as Improved Righteous Fury reduces all damage.

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Any of your spells or strikes can Multistrike and Multistrikes can also crit. Multistrike and Critical rating is the least important for us and should be avoided as much as possible. Im sorry for my english, its not my first or second language.

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Firstly, as a healer, in a raid fighting against a single boss no addsyou should never overagro a raid tank casino amaliegade the difference between you and tank is ridiculously big. Atm I have around strenght when scaled up in PvP. Spirit helps to ensure your mana pool is not depleted over the course of a PvP encounter.

I am NOT comparing maxdps.

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Instantly heals a friendly target or damages a hostile one. The gem themselves are actually available. I never noticed the bracers. Its a bit DPS loss but we gain good healing and reduce damage. For example Versatility is percent damage and will benefit the more damage we have.

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It is a serious upgrade as opposed to 20 sp here or 10 crit rating there, breakdown goes like this, Lets say with full gear we have around strenght.