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This park is also a little more convenient to the bike trail and the shopping mall. Only other campground "in town" is almost across the road but they have trees that obstruct our roof mounted satellite.

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Like those in Taos and Santa Fe, it will help local small-scale entrepreneurs find low-cost space and shared administrative support. That money benefits the entire city. In they took the lead in expelling the colonists. Espanola mayor Ross Chavez isn't sure yet how to interpret the recent rise in tax revenues.

Indian gambling is a dominant influence on the city, though the verdict is still out on its ultimate impact. Also, curiously, the "nice" park across the street is in kind of a cheesy neighborhood, whereas this one is located next to a pretty fancy apartment complex. IndianSpanish and Anglo. At the same time, some city businesses have felt the sting of lessened revenues.

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Los Suenos is mostly open for satellite reception, which is great for us. Historic Community Ironically, the tourism side of business growth in Espanola may actually precede the development of tourist destinations in town.

On this tour, a Puye Cliffs Tour Guide will introduce you everyday life on the Puye Cliff Face through detailed information about early habitation and architecture. Cleaning up the area is part of an overall effort to re-invent a downtown that had been allowed to run down and fragment.

Pojoaque alone, with its casino and other aggressive commercial ventures including a new staff sports baremploys around workers, some from Espanola. You can take a bus or bike on a trail system into downtown Santa Fe.

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With that growth in pride, a vigorous new era of economic growth and opportunity may be just ahead for the city. Electricity is old with hookups at rear, some hard to reach. The amenities were clean and satisfactory. There continues to be no good signage for RVers coming in off the road.

Non-gambling businesses have also entered the area in recent years, including two motels, several restaurants and a variety of other small ventures. Espanola's history is long and colorful. I walked out and they left. But the Espanola Trade Resource Center will focus its benefits as much on recruiting large and small firms from out of town as it does on incubating local startups.

But if you want to experience the true essence of traditional norteno culture, you'll find a much better sampling biggest gambling casino Espanola.

Chamber manager Liddy Martinez points out that despite the poor reputation Espanola has suffered in the past, "People who come are pleasantly surprised to find a community that thrives, and to see that we really do represent three cultures who can live together peacefully, with mutual respect.

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It allows access into the Puye Cliffs Exhibit Hall, where there is information panels about the site. That money, which once went into retail tills throughout the city, has helped fuel a variety of economic and social benefits for the tribes.

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Many of the patrons are local. Is the same it's always been for years except name change. Many here believe Espanola residents make trips to Santa Fe specifically to visit the discount department store, leaving food, gas and other money in the capital city instead of in their own community.

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For the city, the question of whether a tribal operation within city limits is taxable remains unclear. Building owners are encouraged both by main Street which provides architectural support and the city to improve at least the exteriors of unoccupied structures. Games People Play Espanola's proximity to the northern pueblos enhances its cultural richness.

Response has been strong at NNMCC, with a doubling of high tech students this year up to 58 from attending intel-sponsored classes in microelectronics, robotics, semi-conductor manufacturing and other technological skills.

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Cities of Gold Casino in Pojoaque, seven miles south of Espanola, and San Juan's Ohkay Casino at Espanola's northern border, draw nightly crowds that jam the parking lots. Those moves may well be the start of a trend. So she returned to our RV. Intel entered the college recruitment and instructional scene primarily to bump up the number of qualified workers for its expanding Rio Rancho facility.

Their move from Santa Fe represents what may be one of Espanola's greatest business assets: Martinez reports a swelling of business interest in Espanola: In comparison, modern-day Santa Fe, at least on the surface, is a sort of fantasy - an out-of-control invention of some clever public relations whiz, with its carefully-packaged mud look and smooth, marketable charm.

Parks in areas like this need to have security or at least gates to keep 'rif-raf' out.

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Santa Fe's loss will likely be Espanola's gain. On the pro side of the issue, hundreds of Native American and other workers have found well-paying jobs at the gambling halls, adding their incomes to the local economic base.

Here in the Espanola Valley, Spanish-settled villages and Indian Pueblos are connected by a continuous thread of history, rich culture and deeply rooted traditions. You will experience the very heart of pueblo culture, gaining a full and rich understanding of daily life at Puye.

Course instructor Juergen Przyllas reports more than phone inquiries regarding his electronics courses within a recent four-month period. A third casino at Tesuque Pueblo is also in operation.

Verizon signal was ok. But many of those people have likely found other employment, some launching new businesses that may ultimately improve Espanola's economic picture. Earlier in the summer, I stayed at the place across the street.

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There is an exit out of the back of the park where you can access those areas without dealing with all the hubbub of Cerrillos Road. But thus far, says Chavez, there hasn't been any noticeable downturn in the economy due to those job losses.

New residents are coming too, as evidenced by five new housing developments that have sprung up in the past few years. With that growth, a vigorous new era may be just ahead for the city. Moving the Economy If optimism is a measure of potential change, Espanola is in for a groundswell of new activity. Tradition gives the present San Juan acequia as the first one established by the colony and therefore, the oldest irrigation canal in the United States.

You can also top off the tank, buy a paper, grab a snack and purchase Santa Clara Pueblo souvenirs. Deep Hispanic family roots coexist easily with contemporary values and practices, giving Espanola its own unique personality. The Puye Dwellings Tour involves walking on steep paved at high elevations.

That will soon change. Also, gamblers may be arriving from outside the community, shopping and eating in town with what money they manage to hang onto after visiting Pojoaque or San Juan. First Security Bank's Espanola branch manager, Rudy Roybal, reports that local banks have seen a rise in bad checks, savings and casino ATM withdrawals, a trend he and other bankers trace directly to gambling.

San Juan's casino employment runs at over Many younger people, tired of having to leave their beloved homes and families to seek out opportunities, are striving to create new ones here. The company's efforts will increase its own employee pool and some of those workers will likely find employment in the expanding Espanola job market.

Built between and by an early railroad pioneer, Bond House is a fine example of regional architecture unique to North Central New Mexico. Your Puye Cliffs Tour Guide will show you the remains of multi-storied dwellings framing a central plaza, providing an insightful glimpse into early pueblo architecture and community life.

Tradition gives as the immediate cause of hostilities, the caving in of a silver mine with great loss of life by the enslaved Indians. Puye Cliff Mesa Top Tour: The San Juan Indians had welcomed the Spanish in He brought from Mexico about three thousand head of sheep for breeding and one thousand to be slaughtered and eaten or used to feed the group.