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30 y 40 casino,

The maximum possible score is If the next hand results in a loss for the blocked off wager, then it is lost.

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While Wild depicted as the number 7 will replace all other symbols except for Scatters thus helping you create longer winning lines, Scatters represented as stars only pay awards and do not trigger any bonus game. The bonus game Jackpot Cards is triggered randomly and while playing it you can win the four-level mystery jackpot.

Use the Repeat Bets button to repeat your last bet s. The closest row to 30 Red or Black wins. You can increase your winnings this way, but if you are not lucky enough to guess the color of a mystery card, you can lose it all as well.

Rules 6 decks of 52 cards. This may come as a shock to those players who cannot imagine a slot machine without free spins. A bet on Couleur wins if the first card of the first row is the same colour as the winning row. The player buttons appear whenever they can be used.

If the player imprisons a wager after a 31 tie, then it is blocked off somehow. You can also bet on the exact total of each row over 30 between 31 and By clicking the New 30 y 40 casino button, a new game will start. In this case, the lower the score the better. The Color wager acts like a Black wager if the first card dealt to the black hand is black, and like a Red wager if that first card is red.

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If the primary wager wins or loses the full amount, then the Insurance wager loses. Then the next hand is played out. Remenber you cannot bet on both Red and Black and or Couleur and Inverse at the same time. If that next hand results in a win for the blocked off wager, then it is returned to the player.

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If both rows add up to 31, players will lose half of their stake on Red, Black, Couleur and Inverse. A bet on Inverse wins if the first card of the first row is not the same colour as the winning row. The dealer will stop when the total points is 31 or more.


You will be offered to pick from 12 hidden cards until you find three identical playing card suit symbols. There are two hands, and players bet on which one will have the better score.

The addition to this retro-looking game is the Gamble feature which allows you to double your winnings by guessing the color of a hidden card. Add more excitement to the gameplay with the Gamble feature and don't forget about four mystery jackpots waiting to be hit. Special bets are not dependent on Red, Black, Couleur and Inverse. Matching symbols create winning lines left to right while Scatters pay anywhere on the reels.

Place your bet by choosing among the four possibilities on the right hand side of the table Red, Black, Couleur and Inverse.

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The Black wager shall win if the black hand has fewer points than the red hand. You can place bets by clicking on the part of the table on which you want to place your bet. Next, the dealer will do the same thing but for the "red" hand. Being the game of a high to medium variance, 40 Super Hot is a quite exciting slot to play.

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For example, you can't use the Deal or the Quick Deal buttons until you have placed your bet. To start spinning the reels hit the coin amount you want to wager between 40 and coins.

High if you expect the total of the row to be higher than 35, Low if you expect it to be lower than Place your bet on Odd if you think the total of the row will be an odd number, or Even if you think it will be even. Grapes, watermelons, plums, lemons, oranges and cherries will create winning combinations in 40 ways and you need at least 3 of a kind to hit a win.

Rules Six card decks are used. Two top paying symbols are Wild and Scatter awarding 1, coins and x your total stake respectively. Red, Black, Couleur and Inverse All four bets are paid even money 1: If there is a tie at 32 to 40 points, then the result is a push. The tie rules are the same. The slot machine features 5 reels and 40 fixed paying lines which makes it a video slot, but its visuals belong to more classic slots, so we can say that it is a perfect combination of these two.

To play again, click the New Game button. If both rows add up the same total, between 32 and 40, the game results in a tie and the stake on Red, Black, Couleur and Inverse is returned. A tie results in an Insurance tie. Once you have placed your bets, click the Deal or Quick Deal button. Aces are valued as one point, 2s to 10s according to pip value, and face cards as 10 points.

The Red wager is the opposite of the Black wager, winning if the red hand is less and losing if it is more. For convenience, the value of the last bet is held in memory and can be repeated without returning to the chip stack.

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In other words, Insurance pays 49 to 1 on a 31 tie, pushes on any other tie, and otherwise loses. Click on the Deal button to have the cards dealt. You can remove all bets from the table by clicking the Clear Bets button. A running total will start at 0 and go up as the cards are dealt from the shoe. About 40 Super Hot Slot Rating:

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