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Rosie refuses to let Sasha stay over her house and pays Tilda Hogan Gigi Perry to pretend to be her younger sister Hannah.

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Dan begins drinking heavily. I carry the secrets of what our whole relationship is with them. It's just a real privilege to be on a show that is so loved. He instantly regrets it but is not ready to return to Leah.

Campbell told Steve Dow of The Sun-Herald that the "viewers' moral sensibilities were actually being spared".

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He added that the serial had been a "fantastic place" to work and was excited to pursue other projects. She added "Dan's on the other side of the world so it doesn't seem real [ Weeks into the marriage, Dan relapses into a previous gambling problem and his debts stack up.

Rosie kisses Alexander Mullens and he brags about taking advantage of her. In spite of these matters, they marry with their friends and family present and Dan performs an impromptu version of " Soul Kind of Feeling " at the reception. Sasha discovers Tilda's real identity from Jett James Will McDonald and she follows Rosie home, when she confronts her, Rosie reveals that her mum left baile de casino salsa when she was young and her dad splits his time between her and his second family in the city, and Rosie lives on her own.

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Dan is said to cherish his childhood memories of camping with his father Kevin Andy Anderson and brother Peter Nicholas Bishop. Leah learns they are unable to have children and considers IVF; Dan takes the money to pay his debts. Campbell said that the producers did not want him to leave because of Dan's "established relationship" Leah.

Leah has to overcome her guilt and move on from her former husband Vinnie Patterson Ryan Kwanten. Campbell said that Dan catches Peter surrounded by drugs paraphernalia and he confesses her is attempting to arrest drug dealers. Rosie asks him to go to the police. However, both girls get caught in a rip and have to be saved by Casey and John Palmer Shane Withington.

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He secretly looks for a new job. At self-defence, she becomes frightened when Lachlan shows up and Maddy, Tamara and Sasha try to comfort her. There is some friction when Peter and Amanda begin a relationship but things settle.

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He later proposes to Leah after the dissolution of her marriage to Vinnie and she accepts but Dan is still married to his ex, Amanda Vale and they have to wait for the divorce to come through. Sasha supports Rosie, as she reports Mullens to the police.

While growing up he was "fiercely competitive" against Peter, but was still "easy-going". In one scene Dan sang to Leah, Campbell enjoyed the opportunity but found it "nerve wracking" singing in front of the cast.

He explained further that "it will be an unfortunate storyline, he doesn't get killed off - he gets a job offer he can't refuse and leaves Summer Bay behind. Rosie decides to keep the baby and she later leaves the Bay to live in the city with her father.

Sasha distances herself from Rosie, who befriends some other teens from the school.

Dan is initially furious but grows closer to Peter. Dan has kyle gambling home and away issues to resolve, but he does not let it interfere with his lifestyle. Nicodemou explained that "it turns out Amanda has been telling people that Dan used to hit her.

He recovers but has a major swelling on his brain, which causes him to act out of character, including trashing Leah's house and kissing Sally Fletcher Kate Ritchie. Home and Away was often on the telly at her house He said that viewers did not mind because they still approached him saying "oh, I miss Madera casino update and Dan, they were such a great couple.

Leah is furious and Dan takes off in his car and hits a tree. More shocks follow when it is revealed that Peter did not die in the explosion.

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Scott hears a gunshot from outside. Campbell researched the issue and felt it was "something different" to work on. Nicodemou added that "despite the fact that nothing goes as planned on the wedding day, it turns out better than Dan and Leah could have hoped.

He convinces her that "the main thing is that they love each other" and everyone helps to reorganise the day.

The characters first appeared in online webisodeswhich explored their backgrounds. She later mistakes his kindness for flirting. Casting[ edit ] Campbell joined the cast kyle gambling home and away Home and Away as Dan in She also goes to the police to report Mullens. Bored with life in the bay, Dan looks for a fresh challenge.

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Leah is suspicious and believes he is having an affair when she sees him with Gwen Stacy Saskia Smith. The next day, Bella meets up with Rosie and Sasha at the Diner and tells them that she reported her rape to the police.

They were spending time together kissing, so she feels like she brought this on herself. A few days later, Mullens is arrested.