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Tips photographing slot canyons,

Key Camera Gear To Bring We both carry a wide variety, but compact amount of equipment when exploring and photographing slot canyons.

Each slot canyon is quite different and beautiful from any other, and the various areas of the Colorado Plateau have slot canyons that are unique to that region and as different as every snowflake that falls. These are usually simple to explore and don't require the technical gear for complex canyons, leaving you more options to carry camera equipment and tripods.

The canyon walls will expose their colors readily once you've taken that first shot. This allows the textures and colors to really stand out.

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The most photogenic slot canyons are located in central and southern Utah, and northern Arizona. You'll find yourself constantly adjusting white balance, exposure, aperture and ISO throughout the canyon.

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Various high-protein snacks are useful while hiking, too. You can often wedge the tripod legs against the walls to provide a steady support for those stunning longer exposure images. Always blow them off before applying any cleaning material slot freebies slotomania prevent scratching. Roger likes the wider shots, with occasional zooming in and looking up as light bounces off walls and illuminates the canyon and its features.

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His books are fantastic! Some are so narrow that you have to slide sideways and sometimes crawl through their floors, while others can be 50 feet wide.

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If you manually set your white balance, you can adjust the temperature to fit your needs and style. Several filters, such as a circular polarizer, warming, color enhancing and graduated ND filters, can be useful.

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Formed from the violent rains and winds that pummel these areas year after year, slot canyons can be only a few feet deep to hundreds of feet deep, and from 30 yards long to as much as 21 miles long. Michael Kelsey has written several books on the various slot canyons in the Colorado Plateau, including how to explore them and their locations.

Also, we've seen some photographers create HDR images in a slot canyon with as many as nine images composited into one shot.

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Never enter a slot canyon if rain is forecast in the area. HDR can be overdone, but it's a powerful tool for places like the slot canyons where the contrast range typically exceeds the sensor's capabilities by such a wide margin. The important thing is to look around, letting your eyes adjust to the various colors that are present, but may not be so easily picked up with the naked eye.

Finally, after the preparation and the hike, you're here, inside the slot and ready for photography. Some technical slot canyons may require rappelling feet down or more, and may have high dry falls to rappel down. Make sure you carry enough drinking water for the distance and time you'll be hiking.

Water not only is important in the summer months due to high temps, but the fall can zap your fluids, as well. Buckskin Gulch in northern Arizona is touted as the longest slot canyon in the world. Types Of Slot Canyons There are two categories of slot canyons: For nontechnical slots, strat roulette mojo can often follow a wider canyon upstream until it narrows into a slot.

It's important to be in tune with your DSLR's light meter, as well. Roger and Caryn Hill run various tours in the Southwest.

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