Frequently Asked Questions

Iron maiden slots,

Timing — tap at the perfect moment to achieve a perfect attack Multiple timing — 3 opportunities to tap at the perfect moment Speed tapping — tap as fast as you can to power up your attack.

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Shards have their own associated rank and time period. We want every Iron Maiden eagle pass casino phone number and every mobile gaming enthusiast to be able to enjoy our game!

Fury is gained for every successful attack you make and your Fury Meter is displayed at the top left.

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Hopefully next after your new CD drops. Tapping on a Talisman before you equip it will show you the Set Bonus.

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Souls are consumed in the Iron maiden slots of Souls to unlock more characters. Also if you acquire too many items you will be prompted to go to your Inventory to manage them.


How many support characters are there? You will be able to pit your team of characters in battle versus other players in the future — so now is the time to build your team!

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Andrew Fisher First time I saw you guys was in December Montreal would be sweet again. Iron maiden slots swapping you will have 2 turns before you can swap again.

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Stefan Sprawka No FL?. If you equip multiples of the same Talisman you can make a set which will apply further bonuses. How do I get 3 stars?

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Yes, you can sell your extra items for Gold, the option to sell is located on the left-hand side of your items. But beware — at 2x speed the skill-timing components of the game become harder.

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Shades have their own associated rank and time period. Level All characters start at Level 1 and each character on your team earns experience for a victorious battle, even if they died or were not used during the battle.

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Hard — requires 5 Sands of Time to start a battle. Michael Gadd Aaron Fidler give these guys a listen! By default, Eddie attacks first, but you may tap on a different character to select them and tap on any enemy to target.